Mother is the best Teacher

Ramesh and Mahesh were good friends. They studied in the same school. They used to go and come back from the school together.
One day they saw an orchard on the way. They had never noticed that orchard earlier. It had many mango trees. Seeing a lot of mangoes in the trees,

Mahesh said ‐—
“Ramesh , look, there are so many unripe mangoes in the tree. Let us pluck them.”
Ramesh said, “if the gardener comes he will beat us. Come on! let us go.”
Mahesh said, “No, we can pluck the mangoes easily. There are some trees which are on the outer side of the road. Our mothers will be very happy. They will make pickles from these mangoes.”
Ramesh agreed and they stole a bag full of mangoes. Nobody noticed them. When they reach their homes, Ramesh mother scolded him for stealing mangoes. But Mahesh’s mother said to Mahesh, ” thank you for bringing these mangoes. If you bring more mangoes from there, I shall make pickles for you. But you should take care to see that nobody notices you.”

Next day when both friends passed by the orchard, Mahesh said, ” Friend come, we shall pluck more mangoes from the trees.”
“No, this is not our property. Plucking mangoes from this orchard is tantamount to theft, “said Ramesh.
Mahesh said, “Ok as you wish; but I am going to pluck them.”

Ramesh went back home, whereas Mahesh plucked a lot of mangoes. Mahesh’s mother was happy to see so many mangoes. Time rolled on. Mahesh got into the habit of stealing things. He began stealing pencils, pens, notebooks etc. from the other student’s bags. His mother never checked him; she rather encouraged him and asked him to commit more and more thefts. Sometimes she would ask him to bring more costly items.

Time passed slowly. Mahesh and Ramesh were grown up boys now. But training at home made Mahesh a thief and Ramesh a police officer.
One day while burgling in a shop, Mahesh was caught red handed by police. He got imprisonment but after a few months he was released. In the prison Ravi came in contact with the more experienced ones. Gradually he became a dacoit.
Once he got caught for robbery. He was sentenced to death. His mother became very sad to hear that her son had been sentenced to death punishment.

The day came when Mahesh was to be hanged. Many people had gathered to see him being executed. The jailer asked him his last wish. Mahesh said, “I want to meet my mother and hug her.”
The jailer and others were surprised to know his last wish. His mother came to hug him. But as soon as his mother came and hugged him, he bite his mother’s ear. Everyone was shocked to see this scene. The jailer became very angry and said, ” Tell me! What is it that makes you behave in such an unruly manner, and that too when you are about to be executed?”

“Had my mother ever checked my habits of stealing things in my childhood, I would not have become a thief or a dacoit. It is her training which has brought me to this stage said Mahesh.